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For Research and Insight, our task was to first identify a market, then develop a creative idea that could potentially disrupt the existing. My focus surrounded the accommodation sector, in particular Airbnb. I proposed a service called ‘SPECiES’, who’s purpose would cater to like-minded Creatives such as Artists, Graphic Designers or Musicians. ‘Species’ is a mix of “a home away from home” and a staycation, with hubs designed specifically for individuals to seek inspiration and spread energy off one another. The purpose aims to diversify their current perspective while providing safe, fun places to stay.

Art Direction

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For Art Direction and Design, we could choose a single film or a Director to delve deep into: mine was David Fincher. I loved learning about the mind of a highly reputable Film Director, studying his advanced thinking, techniques and the aspects involved in producing large scale films. In my presentation, I engaged viewers with Fincher’s unique style and visual language, using stills and video examples as well as quotes so they could better understand his character.

Creating a brand experience

In the Brand Experience unit, one assessment involved working in pairs to create an innovative product or service. Our idea was crafted with the ultimate fashion and food lover in mind, who desires to make life a little easier on herself. The service was a Mobile App for iOS and Android. It had two main functions; Style Steal and Meal Steal, whereby a scanner using the phones camera function would detect clothing brand names and types of food, then filter results for the user to go and purchase those items. The App could benefit the user in the kitchen or in the fashion world, providing more of an emotional need.

UX and Design

UX was one of my favourite units, teaming design solutions to typical user pain points. We learnt how to create user friendly and seamless digital experiences in a world full of services for every need. Furthermore, to determine the difference between good and bad design. We worked individually to create a digital response to an industry, such as music, hospitality or fashion. I drew my attention to the Coffee culture that is Australia, and the growing issue of disposable plastic coffee cups on the environment. The App encouraged users to bring their own reusable cup to their local or wherever they consume coffee. Primary features included; education, geo location mapping, scanning, personal diary and loyalty rewards.

Video Production

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We were tasked with creating a 30-45 sec YouTube pre-roll, based off a TVC currently airing, and re-produce it with a different approach. I aimed to introduce a “new way to enjoy Jim Beam liquor”. Their primary target is often male skewed, with brand communications typically reflecting the characteristics; authentic, proud social or tough. I attempted to challenge this idea, appealing to the female gender as well. My concept reflects the pleasure of drinking the new ‘Citrus Highball’. The tone is up-beat, warm and seasonably summery with a humorous twist. The story encapsulates a female who craves this beverage, to the extent of resembling a lemon and attending a social event where the Highball is being crafted. On arrival she appears flustered and breathless. The bar man takes one look at her and knows what to do. The underlying theme hints at the extent one will endure when it’s worth it. This assessment involved everything from Art Directing, creating the mise en scene, filming and editing in the program ‘Premier Pro’ – so much fun!

Career Development Plan

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Account Management Essay 


Storyboard Component / TVC

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For Campaign Thinking, we had to develop a TVC based on a car of our choice. The concept behind my TVC embodies an attribute that the Range Rover offers, ‘discovery’. The metaphor lies within the story; the love between the two characters, the love they share for the car and the lust they have for adventure. Commonly, advertisements for Range Rover convey an alpha male in a heroic tone of voice, arguably ‘suited’ to the car he is driving, or associate with having a luxe and classy feel about them. The new concept challenges this idea, reflecting ‘Man Vs Society’ and shows a more gender neutral tone, with the car now adjusting to an extended target market. The main turning point in the story occurs early on, where the newlyweds are seen ‘breaking the status quo’ and rather embarking on ‘their’ style of honeymoon. The raw landscape of Australia provides the backdrop to showcase the cars full potential. I wanted to keep audio and voice-over to a minimal, to allow the shots to visually demonstrate a lifestyle that can be attained with the Range Rover Discovery.

Visual Metaphor

The task was to create a Photographic Ad using a visual metaphor focused on a brand or organisation, the rest was left to our creativity. Because options were endless, I tried to narrow my thinking. It then sparked that I could feature my local café, where I’ve spent many of my young (hardworking) years at! I saw an opportunity in connecting the name ‘The Runaway Spoon’ with an amusing photo to form the visual metaphor element. After tossing up ideas on how best to approach this, I asked my friend to be a “human spoon” and shot this inside the College TV studio, pulling down a white backdrop and having her form numerous body movements and motions to create the perfect image. I then painted a wooden spoon, stuck on some curly locks and eyeballs which proved to be quite fiddly (and sticky) and photographed it. Other facial features and the shadow were done through Photoshop, quite a technical process. The colour palette reflected the branding colours of the business and I think the white space worked well to illustrate simplicity whilst distilling the right message. In addition, I wanted to the tone to be playful, inviting and informative.

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Self-reflection piece on my role as ‘Editor’ and ‘Costume Stylist’



Brand Print Ad

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Picking a ‘brand name’ and ‘sound effect’ out of a hat, formed the brief for this Copy Writing assessment. I executed my given concepts of ‘Woolworths’ and ‘snoring’ through a print advertising medium, with the theme focused on women who “now have extra time to relax” since discovering the new home delivery system. I wanted the green lettering to typically reflect Woolworths brand colours and core values of the ‘Fresh Food People’ with the pale neutral background adding a warm tone. I thought the snoring element was communicated simply but effectively with the letter ‘Z’.








Mood board

My first assessment in the creative process class involved researching and reviewing a consumer product, and outlining potential target consumers in which I based my work around a multi-use product ‘Coconut oil’. Part three of the task involved brainstorming and compiling images to form a mood board. To achieve the overall look of a target consumer to viewers, I wanted to show colourful pictures to help portray a bright, active and balanced mother in her mid-thirties, whilst reflecting typical behaviour and lifestyle routine, painting her as an ideal target for coconut oil. I found creating a mood board beneficial in communicating ideas and bringing a consumer to life through imagery.  I enjoyed using Pinterest as a platform to gather inspiration, it barely felt like work!


Typographical poster

This assessment involved choosing a random typeface, defining its character as a person and then transforming it into artwork through Illustrator, that visually related to that character. After scrolling through many letterforms on ‘DaFont’, one called ‘Top secret stamp’ caught my attention. It instantly reminded me of a detective or a spy and I considered what ideas might typically associate with that persona. Once decided on forming a magnifying glass, I developed a story revolving around a detective and used the script to form the object, before exploring with different letter sizes and volumes. I thought having particular words appear bigger than the rest, would emphasize a zoomed in, focused effect that a magnifying glass makes. I chose the colours black and red which appear dramatic, bold and possibly mysterious when teemed with the story. I have found a liking towards this program and possibly a new hobby.


Vegemite print ad

This assignment was to create a print ad for an upcoming Vegemite campaign, through the program Photoshop. Because the campaign was to focus on a younger age group such as school children, it would need to resonate somehow with their daily routines. I initially imagined scenes such as kids excelling at athletics, full of energy, receiving A+ on their tests or appealing the opposite, lacking energy and brain power because they hadn’t consumed vegemite. My final idea was to depict a boy dreaming of vegemite sandwiches for lunch while sleeping. I used eye catching colours that likely appeal to the target audience and help reflect the happy and enthusiastic nature of Vegemite. There is also educational value with the tick boxes that highlight some health and taste benefits Vegemite provides, while not being too serious, evident in the words “undeniably delicious”.


Gun Control campaign

As part of an ‘Outdoor advertising campaign’, on the topic of gun control in the United States, I had to establish three locations to implement my campaign, which would benefit from both exposure and connect with the target audience of American males 18-25 years old. The underlying theme of my campaign related to ‘background checks’ and how valuable they are towards a safer society. The visual depicts a prohibited male buying a gun easily, thus highlighting the importance of background checks. The scene may or may not be recognized instantly, however is a relevant issue and thought provoking. Before creating digital files, I explored a variety of symbols and how they can be used to reinforce messages. For example, the gun which is recognized as a weapon and may invoke a sense of danger, fear, intimidation and power. The example featured, was one of the places I displayed the campaign. Prior to placing the billboard alongside a basketball court, I considered where the target audience may socialise, do recreational activities or normally pass by.

Creative product poster

Product poster

This assessment was to create a poster to advertise a product, in which mine was ‘Coconut Oil’ by Nature’s Way. The poster had to reflect the key insight, which I determined to be ‘the simplest form of cleansing, removing make-up and moisturizing all in one’. For the title of the poster, I explored creative ways to say ‘three’, followed by a catch line that supported it. The creative concept shows two girls in a mirror, one with a bunch of skin products appearing frustrated and slightly envious, whilst the other girl appears satisfied holding her one product.






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